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December 2012

Hi Friends!  All the Boxer Scrapbooks Products can be found at PaperWishes.com.  Paulette and her team made our transition out of the industry a delight, and we hope that you'll continue to support many of the Paper Crafting Companies that make this industry so creative and amazing!


We are keeping our Facebook Page Active--so go ahead and Like us!  I (Angie) will continue to put photos up of projects as people request them or as I unearth them on the backup drives as I'm cleaning up data!  Lots of photos there, and more to come, especially if you ask for something specific!


For the Portland Area Scrappers--know that we'll probably still pop into the CK Show every spring, just to make sure you're all still having fun.  Plus--it's our chance to hang out with our old "Scrapbook-Carnies" family!



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Original Announcement of our Closure


October 11, 2011--After 10 years in this fabulous industry, we've decided to close Boxer Scrapbooks.  Many factors made our decision for us, but the quick-and-dirty reason is that we're burnt out from all the travel, kit making, packaging and the 24/7 work schedule that a small business requires.


 We'd like to say so many times over a huge THANK YOU to our loyal stores, customers and fans who have been a part of our lives for the past 10 years.  We look forward to this new chapter in each of our lives; Vicki who better enjoy her retirement, and Angie as a new bride who will get to be home with her new husband!